Crazy Animals:Horse Rig

This is the output of my recent Rnd regarding creating Moudular smart Quad system for creating robust and versatile rigs with unified system for manipulating animation data and support non-linear work flows .
of course the first step of that is creating the rig itself …and here are the result on a horse .
i f you are a SERIOUS animator and want to give it a try please drop me a line .
if you are also a modeler and you have any Quaderpedal model that you would like to involve in that …just let me know .
Hope you like it

Modular Facial Rigger (WIP)

this is the result-so far- of my facial tools i m developing for facial rigging .
I will explain in later videos what is meant by modular for facial rigging and how this can be helpful during animation process.
i was considering the super simplicity with maximum flexibility , yet ..things are not done and a lot of supporting tools for animators are being done but till then ..please watch this
smile emoticon

N.B:system is not based on blendShapes