Facial rig demo


Meet tawfeek  and  have a look at his face in action here :https://vimeo.com/57975649


3 thoughts on “Facial rig demo

  1. Hi_
    That was a cool rigging. How did you connect that interactive facial ui to the facial cnt. In another reel there was a window similar to Motionbulider character window. How did you do that .There is no such tutorial around great job definitely hard work.is there any chance to tell us how to do this I mean showing the way not tutorial.
    Thank anyway.
    Jaber Zaker

  2. thanks for your answer.

    Just knowing that for a good rig we have to do scripting, there is no specific source for scripting except Maxscript help (It took alot for me to find proper…), watching CGacademy maxscript tutorial (the truth is that I didnt undrestand alot the third DVD).
    But as one friend said the best way is opening others script and learn how to write your own script (Scriptspot is my best choice). I try my best I wrote my own script on Frame offset animation like Domino then apply the same way to modifier…… If it helps I can put video (a funny reel of my scripting).

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