Fast Tools-Biped Replacer

Have you ever needed to update your (Biped) character after a whole animation is done? even needed to replace it while keeping your animations as intact as possible ?
Tired of tedious hand labor replacing sequences with updated version of rig (Biped)?
well , you may need watch this demo of my tiny tool that needs only to let it know which will replace which only ONCE and it will remember that for ever as you dont change parameters for another characters
Have fun


2 thoughts on “Fast Tools-Biped Replacer

  1. Hello Ahmed !

    First of all, I really like your work, I think it’s awesome and super helpfull !

    Is this Biped replacer tool under development ?? What are your plans with this ?? Are you going to sell this or have plans to share it with other users ?


    • Hi Luis ,
      Thank you very much for your interest and sweet words , and for script :
      it is kinda of tiny script and i really dont know if it would work in another pipeline , so as i may have written in video description it is a Fast Tool .
      so i really dont Know so far 🙂 just busy creating other scripts for more advanced facials in both max and maya

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