Rigging Stretchy IK limb in 3dsMax Tutorial

this is my first Tutorial i record for 3dsMax demonstrating how to set up stretchy IK limb with toggle on/off using float expression controller .
if any Qs plaese e-mail me at :ahmed_shalaby2001eg@yahoo.com

4 thoughts on “Rigging Stretchy IK limb in 3dsMax Tutorial

  1. Very nice leg setup. I will love to see in the future some spine setup also.On the internet I find few setups but for Maya, Softimage and Blender. For max is rare to find good example. Any suggestion are welcome. Your rigs are awesome. I’ve enjoyed myself playing with Free Bipedal rig. Again awesome works and thanks in advance.

      • It’s good model (JasmineRose) for your types of riggs. 🙂 I just saw your last demo for BenMoussa. I can say only “WOW”. Just keep up good work, man.
        Of the topic question: you use max for most rigging stuffs but not maya. Why? I’m max user also and for me is one of the many advantages maxscript + .net. and stability. What do you think about MCG system for animation?

  2. Oh thank you gain , Happy you liked it 🙂
    for you your Qs it seems that max is more predominant in my works that s only because i have been using it for long time no more , but lately it tends to be more maya work tasks .
    i don t see any differences between Max and Maya other than that may is much more the standard software of animation , for me i adabpted myself to Maxscript , Python and MEL so it doesnt matter to me which software to be used .
    unfortunately , I didnt have much time to test MCG throughly but i still dont believe it is strong enough for endorsing animation
    Hope that helps 🙂

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