8 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. HI, I see your Shiko rig, Great work man. I’m working in a small studio, we make a lot of tv spot, so always fast and cheap rig. I’m looking for a custom rig sistem. There a way to customize your rig? it’s on sell or something else? thanks

  2. ok, sure you can do that, but I need a sistem i can adapt to every character in a fast way, as Cat or Biped do, So if you put some sort of resizing to your rig I can think to buy and use it.


  3. Hi. I am a third year 3D animation student at Noroff University in Norway. Im currently on my final year and have an animation project going on. I have would like to use the Jasmine Rose rig, Is it possible to use this in a education context, and later publish my work on sosial media ect? ofcouse you will be credited.

    best regards
    Hans A
    third year IMA student
    Noroff University Collage

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