Shiko-New Rig

Finally it came you can have a quick preview here

and you can download it from here
you may want to check the tutorial videos before you start

it is not all and there is more to come and i will be happy to hear from you and ofcourse watch your animations
and for more live discussions and interaction i would recommend you visiting my personal page on FaceBook here :
also you can download it from here directly :

or in case it doesnt work you can go here :

13 thoughts on “Shiko-New Rig

  1. Hi Ahmed, I have been testing out the Shiko rig the last few days and am delighted to finally see such a flexible, advanced rig available for 3ds Max. You have done a really excellent job on this and it is a great rig to animate with.
    I noticed a strange bug however: I always work with Gamma turned on in Max’s settings but every time a control on the rig is selected, Max’s Gamma settings are automatically turned off. I have tried with various render engines(MR, Vray, Quicksilver) but it always happens. Your Shiko file opens with Gamma turned off.
    I wondered if you had noticed this yourself?

    Thanks again, great work.

    • Hey Danny ,
      im really pretty happy that you liked the rig , cant really wait until i see it animated 🙂
      and for Gamma thing : well in fact it doesnt open with gamma turned off it only does when you open rollout for any arm or leg and thats it to capture screen shot in a right way .
      well, it is my mistake i should reconsider better way that doesnt affect gamma .
      for the meaning time i wish you bear to turn it on before render or i may do a button for turning it on , let me think about a maneuver .
      thank you for taking a time to check the rig and also for spending time writing to me about the bug 🙂

    • Hi Amartya ,
      Happy you liked my rigs and regarding maya version i think it is will be soon but when exactly i really cant tell 🙂 just wish me a good luck and a days longer than 24 hours

    • Big Question !! well, simply you may do some search on youtube and check many examples demonstrated by videos on how to do that , i really dont have short answer for it:)
      but if you have more specific question i m here …thanks buddy

  2. I’ve been using this rig for a little while now and I’ve been having trouble getting the elbows to stay in place… i.e., resting on a table while animating the spine and core. Is there a way to keep the elbows locked in place? I can lock the elbow controller, but the geometry still moves.

    Thank you in advance,

    John Anderson

    • oh dear! unfortunately it wasnt built with that move 😦 …in the meaning time i may have no solution ..but i will try to figure out any solution and come back to you .
      hope i can see what you came up with it .
      the good news that i m finishing Maya new rig with that built in it …stay tuned 🙂

  3. Hi, I like the look of your rig, I have it set up and your scripts seem to be working correctly. The only Issue I am having is when I try to move the controllers the rig lags like crazy. Is there some hidden setting I can change that will make it perform better? at this rate it is barely usable. I have a pretty powerful computer (6 core CPU, 32GB of RAM, GTX 1070 GPU) and nothing else seems to lag. Tumbling the viewport and moving other objects are all working normally. Do you have any suggestions? (also I am using Max 2019)

    • well, sounds that you have nothing bad there …i may suggest :
      -Turning off Turbo Smooth
      -Using Sliced mode
      it was tested on Max 2016 and it was fine , not real time but fine …..
      Also , take in consideration that it is pretty old rig now , i developed better techniques to make rigs faster and optimal than this one .
      I also encourage you t check my Maya Rig …JasmineRose

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