Rigging Reel -Summer 2017 (Production Only )

This is a collection of selected works i took part in up till summer 2017 , i did all characters and vehicles rigging using both 3dsMax and Maya .
For technical break down and rig demos please follow up my web page: http://www.shalabology.wordpress.com
Hope you like it 🙂




JasmineRose is a collaborative project done by friends , we did it for fun and hopefully we can release that character for free soon …
Model done by Mohammed el-demerdash (https://www.artstation.com/artist/demo3dartist)
Animation by Ahmed Hasaneen (vimeo.com/user29631263/videos )
Rig Done by Ahmed Shalaby (https://shalabology.wordpress.com)
Hope you like it 🙂

This is Rig Break down for Quad rig i have done for feature film shots.
Hair And Fur:Hassan tawfeek (behance.net/hasantawfiq)
Animation :Ahmed Hasaneen
Modeling:Alhaytham Shawky(artstation.com/artist/alhaithamshawky)
Music By :Nicolai Heidlas (In your Robotic Heart)